Services are provided by a fully qualified and dedicated staff.


In case of emergencies or scheduling difficulties, the foster parent and/or social worker will assist.


The agency will provide support for all foster children after they have left the agency by providing any information or documentation in the agency’s possession and providing any additional assistance that will help the child after departure.


The agency maintains bed space in several homes to allow for respite placements should foster parents become ill, have an out of town emergency, etc. The staff arranges the respite, may assist with transportation, and ensure all services are maintained during respite such as school and therapy.


Reunification with Parents & their Children

Each class will last 12 weeks and will provide assistance in the following areas:

1. Orientation

2. Family Relationships

3. Child Development

4. Discipline and Punishment

5. Health and Safety

6. Sexuality

7. Child Abuse and Neglect

8. Alcohol Substance Abuse

9. Stress Anger Management

10. Self Esteem

11. Community Support Resources and In-Home resources

A certificate of completion will be provided to participants and the courts.


For times and dates of all classes offered please contact our office at (209)830-6394.

– Individual counseling

– Christian Family Counseling

– Marriage Counseling

– Family Communications

– Self-esteem

– Community support & resources

Hourly Rates For Individual Counseling Are:

Children: $18.00 an hour

Adults: $25.00 an hour


For times and dates of all classes offered please contact our office at (209)830-6394.

– Teen/Adult anger management groups

– Stress Management

– Behavior Management

– Substance abuse groups

– Grief Counseling

– Parenting Classes

Hourly Rates For Group Counseling Are:

Parenting: $40.00 an hour

Anger Management: $40.00 an hour

Self-Esteem: $40.00 an hour

Tobacco Cessation: $40.00 an hour*

(*price of a carton of cigarettes)

Note: $15.00 for materials for Tobacco Cessations Classes.


Our resource parents are given intensive training prior to receiving a child in placement andfollowing placement. Prior to placement we require a minimum of twenty hours of training. It includes Foster Pride Training and training regarding agency procedures, i.e. ensuring that children are guaranteed their personal rights, appropriate procedures regarding reporting of child abuse, complying with paperwork requirements, different methods of child discipline, ways to work effectively with the child’s natural parents, dealing with child’s feelings of separation, and helping the family adapt to a new member. These sessions are generally conducted by the office director or certification staff, other general categories of training are: CPR and First Aid training, working with the abused child, medical issues, court and legal issues, confidentiality, developmental issues, cultural issues, emergency procedures during and outside the agency’s office hours, visitation policies/guidelines, requirements concerning the alternate care and supervision of the child during the absence of the foster parent and explaining the policy that the agency with the assistance of the social work staff, shall at all times retain the right and responsibility to remove the child from the foster home when it considers it in the child’s best interest.

In addition, each foster parent is required to attend on-going training for a minimum of 12 hours each year. Psychological consultants conduct some sessions. Other sessions are conducted by experts brought in to speak on a particular topic or by staff proficient in various topics. Some of the topics covered have been ways to build self-esteem and trust in children, dealing with separation and abandonment, special services through the schools for foster and emotionally disturbed children, helping the sexually abused child, working with drug exposed children, child development, what happens in the therapeutic process, nutrition, assessments, and emergency preparedness. Similar topics will be presented in the future for our families based on the input of staff and foster parents.

On-Going Training

Professionals on a pro-bono contract basis provide on-going training with VBR Family & Children Resource Agency.  VBR Family & Children Resource Agency mandates that foster parents attend 12 hours of Foster Pride training as part of their annual training schedule. Professional in the field, such as Marriage and Family Therapist, Teachers, Registered Nurses, Dietitians, and/or Counselors will conduct the training. Examples of the types of groups we will establish are, but not limited to:

– Parenting the Sexually Abused Child Development

– Separation and Loss

– Positive Discipline

– Working with the Learning Disabled Child

– Integrating the New Child into the Existing Family

– Cultural Awareness

– Nutrition/Eating Issues

– First Aid/CPR (Infant & Adult)

– The Therapeutic Process and Realted issues

– Licensing Regulations

– Rights of the licensing agency to report

– Reporting requirements

– Medication administration training

– Hand Washing Techniques

– Medication updates and other nursing issues

– Infection control

– Priming Gastrostomy tubing

– Developmental disorders

– Early childhood development

– Adolescent development

– Perineal care

– Administration of aerosol treatment

– Seizures – recognition and intervention

– Cleaning & disinfecting suction catheters

In addition, support groups are provided for the parents around particular topics pertinent to current issues.  Administrator, supervisors, foster care social workers and resource parents all give input and ideas regarding needed training topics.